I worked in Property management for many years and saw a lot of properties that needed attention due to their busy lives. Also vacant homes that needed a good eye for detail when it came to bond cleans…. I started working with a busy cleaning company and had such passion on making other peoples lives easier from day to day.

We strive for professional and efficient methods, punctuality and affordable in everything we do and for every single visit.

Our success is largely due to our customer want. In fact managing customers expectations is a huge part of our DNA.
You’ll also be glad to know our bond cleaning is 100% customer guaranteed.

We cover all parts of the home. internal and external which includes high pressure clean of driveways, house wash, pool areas etc We supply all cleaning products and equipment.

Our team are very accurate, experienced, friendly, honest and have a great eye to detail.

So rest assured you’ll be dealing with a Sunshine Coast based professional cleaning company that really loves what they do.